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CMT Transport Ltd have a modern fleet of Scania R560 tractor units, and a fleet of refrigerated trailers all fitted with GPS tracking and temperature equipment to allow real time monitoring.
The fleet is maintained to CVRT standards through a regular scheduled inspection programme in our own onsite garage staffed by qualified mechanics.
The preventative maintenance programme helps ensure that breakdowns are kept to a minimum and customer delivery timelines are adhered to.
We also have a dedicated breakdown response vehicle fully fitted with the latest mechanical tooling and staffed by a Scania certified mechanic, which allows for prompt response 24/7 in the unlikely event of a truck/ trailer/ fridge breakdown.


To ensure that our customers products are secured against contamination, theft and vandalism during transit between customer depots, our trailers are fitted with the latest tamper-proof SBS integrated locking technology, which is fixed permanently to revolving doors.